AM Invest Morocco

Our Investment Funds


AM Invest Morocco is the first investment fund raised by ATLAMED to accelerate the development of Moroccan companies with high potential.

Investment strategy

  • Buyout and Development Capital for Moroccan companies with strong development potential
  • SMEs with a turnover of less than 100 MDHs
  • Various pre-selected sectors of activity meeting growth and value creation standards
  • Majority or minority shareholding with sufficient influence


With a capital of 383 MDHs since 2009 (gradually being reduced according to the evolution of the investment fund portfolio), it brings together shareholders from among the most important financial institutions in the kingdom, with the aim of contributing to the profitable development of SMEs in Morocco.

These shareholders, most of whom sit on the Fund’s Board of Directors, play a key role in validating the Fund’s investment and divestment strategy, supporting its development and promoting the rules of good governance :


The total amount of investments committed since the creation of AM Invest Morocco stands at more than 500 MDHs, financed in part by bank leverage, in four sectors of activity with strong growth potential in Morocco.