About us

A word from the President


CEO and Founder

“Today’s world is characterised by the fast accumulation of capital, both financial and technological, as well as by the interpenetration of economic zones and businesses. The result is an increasing complexity of investment decisions according to the combined appreciation of the financial profitability perspective, CSR/ESG impacts and multidimensional risks.

In such a context, the combination of our multidisciplinary experience in a wide variety of situations, our complementary talents and our geographical positioning, are key assets to meet these challenges.

The Kingdom of Morocco is an ideal place to build and exploit such experiences because of its exceptional geographical position, at the crossroads of the Atlantic and Mediterranean areas, its degree of economic openness and its level of development with a widely demonstrated internal stability and resilience.

ATLAMED intends to illustrate this potential of opportunities by a high added value and international dimension support based in Morocco. Our services are of interest to economic operators in need of financing and management tools for their implementation, as well as to financial investors looking for optimal and responsible allocation of their capital with the assurance of its proper use.”

About us

Founded in 2005, ATLAMED S.A. is a Casablanca-based Private Equity and Financial Advisory company.

ATLAMED aims to contribute to the development of companies in the vast Atlantic-Mediterranean area by promoting regional exchanges, modern tools and good governance values.

The ATLAMED project focuses on the development of a new trans-Mediterranean business bridge, taking advantage of Morocco’s advantageous geographic and economic positioning.

Its founding partners are well-known personalities from the business and financial environment in Morocco and Europe. They are committed to a long term human relationship with the managers and bring to bear the richness and complementarity of their experiences.


ATLAMED was founded in 2005 by Bassim JAÏ HOKIMI, President and main shareholder.

Graduate from École Polytechnique Paris, Télécom Paris and Stanford University, with more than 35 years of experience in operations, consulting and finance. Bassim Jaï Hokimi is an Administrator of various big companies (AL MADA, MANAGEM, SNI, WANA CORP-INWI), former Administrator of Bank-Al-Maghrib and former Chairman of the SNI / ONA group (AL MADA).

Among the founders:

Truffle Capital

One of the most prominent players on the European Private Equity scene today, focused on innovative technologies.


Founder and former Chairman of Truffle Capital. Former Chairman of Generali France, Neuflize and ABN Amro France and several banks including Lyonnaise de Banque and Banque Pasche (Switzerland).

M. Jean Philippe HOTTINGUER

Founder and President of HR-FINANCE, an investment bank with offices in Paris and Zurich. Descended from a multisecular line of illustrious French and Swiss financiers, J.P HOTTINGUER has been managing partner of Banque Hottinguer for over thirty years.


One of the key players in the development of the automotive industry in Morocco (Renault Project). Member of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council of the Kingdom of Morocco, where he chairs the Strategic Committee.


A recognized specialist in innovation policies and ecosystems, with extensive experience in corporate finance and fund management, particularly in industry and innovative technologies.

What we do

Private Equity

ATLAMED’s main activity is Private Equity, as a management company of unlisted equity funds.

ATLAMED is also involved in a partnership approach with other institutional investors, private investors or family offices, enabling them to co-invest and benefit from its experience and expertise in sourcing and managing corporate investments in Morocco.

Financial Advisory and M&A

The Financial Advisory and M&A activity is provided by MEDCAP Partners, a company of the ATLAMED Group.

It is active in Investment Advisory with a focus on cross-boarder transactions through the Morocco hub.

Risk Management Advisory

The Risk Management Advisory activity is carried out by DECISIO Consulting, a company of the ATLAMED Group.

It is specialized in decision support models and risk management.

Investing with us

The Company is recognized for the following key strengths and competencies:

Well-known players in the Moroccan Corporate Finance market

Network of partners of expertise, business, entrepreneurs and managers

Mastery of financial structuring techniques and shareholder agreement practices

Expertise in unlisted portfolio management for various sectors and geographies